Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My favourite princess

My favourite princess is Belle. I like Belle because she has a yellow dress and yellow is my favourite colour. I hope one day I can go to Disneyland and see the real Belle. I want my Mommy to take a picture of me, Dad and Belle.

I have a lot of Belle princess stuff, like: a hair brush, pj's, Barbie Belle and horse, Belle princess dress and shoes, posters and pictures.


  1. Belle is one of my favourite princesses too. I like the colour yellow too. I like Belle because she likes books.

  2. Replies
    1. no i do not have a belle dress i wish i did . hope you have a good day .bye

    2. no i do not have a belle dress i wish i did . hope you have a good day .bye

  3. My favorite colour is purple. What princess wears purple?

  4. Donna - I am excited about when I learn how to read so I can read like Belle. Do you like my horse gadget? You can feed it and brush its hair.

    Shelley - Hee hee.

    Cynthia - No I do not have a Belle dress. I have dresses for Ariel, Snow White, Aura, and Cinderella. Someday I want a Belle dress.

    Mom - I don't know. Do you know what princess wears purple?

    Fr. Rayna

    1. I do know the a princess that wears a purple dress. Her name is Rapunzel.

  5. Way to go Rayna on your first blog. Hopefully on Aunties trip she will see Belle. If auntie is able to, she will bet a signature of Belle for you to keep until you are able to go to Disneyland and meet her. If I see her I will tell her how much you love her. We will see you soon Rayna.

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